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The Pivot profile©

You don’t know what the differences are between your products,

You don't have descriptors to describe your products,

Your panellists are not trained to perform a profile test,

You have very few (2) or many (50) products to compare …


This profile is your solution - This test consists in comparing each of your products to a single product which will be considered as the Pivot, the latter must be the most average product in your product family; ideally, you can make it up by an equal part of each of your other products to be evaluated, including, of course for wines, perfumes, lotions, powders, otherwise take the least significant product of your family of products.

You will then have to ask each of your panellists, in the presence of each pair of products (product to be evaluated and pivot) what he perceives as the differences between the product to be evaluated and the pivot product. He will then have to note in 'less ....' or in 'more ....', all the qualifiers which correspond to these differences. For example, the product to be evaluated is' less sweet, less colored, but more vegetable, more bitter, clearer than the pivot product.

Then, the application will combine all these terms, you can associate them with synonyms (suggested) if necessary, and you will get your results as if you had performed a classic profile, with multidimensional representations (CFA: Correspondence Factorial Analysis) and comparison tests between each of your products to identify whether they are significantly different or not.

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