Use your evaluations

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This solution has been designed to meet the requirements of professionals in the food and cosmetic sectors, and more broadly to all areas requiring sensory studies.

It is aimed at both quality, R&D departments and purchasing and marketing studies departments.

The information collected will help consolidate your 'product' strategy and support the development and quality of your products :



  • Position my products on a market
  • Differentiate my products within the same range


  • Characterize my product profiles
  • Set profile objectives to be achieved


  • Identify and select lots for blends or recipes
  • Rank, rate for purchases, stores assortments

EVALUATE (Product conformity / quality)

  • Evaluate my products throughout the production process
  • Integrate this information in a continuous improvement control
  • Measure the life cycle of my products (stocks, points of sale)
  • Evaluate the impact of a development process, a new tool or supplier


  • Archive my rating notes (or tasting notes)
  • Share in an understandable way