About us


Sinces 1995, ABT Informatique offers tools and advice to better understand and master all the stages of product development and control.

Specialized in sensory metrology, and involved in teaching and in research, the company addresses various sectors such as the milk, the biscuits, the ingredients, the wines and the spirits, and the cosmetic sector.


  • Creation : creation in 1995 of ABT Informatique by Mr. Bertrand Thuillier.
  • Research : creation in 2007 of a new and innovative sensory test, called Pivot® Profile test, within the Reims University.


  • Education : since 1990, education in different French universities, High schools :

    • Polytech Lille (Engineering School) : Bio and food engineering, option « Product Innovation »
    • School of Industrial Biology (E.B.I.) – Paris Cergy : Sensory Analysis.
    • AgroSup Dijon : education of Pivot© profile test.


  • Support and Consulting : learn and run all steps of products’ development and control thanks to the sensory metrology.
    • Setting up and training of sensory panels
    • Popularization or deepening of statistics in sensory analysis
    • Processing of sensory data
    • Links between sensory analysis and instrumental analysis


  • Tools / softwares : softwares which are regularly updated : 
    • Tastel : since 1995.
    • Tastel+ : since 2000.
    • Recipe : formulation management and related information to recipes.
      Distributed since 1990.
    • Tastelweb : launched in June 2019.


  • Many trusted customers, for around 25 years.